Data Privacy Statement

The Tricky Tripper application requires the following permissions:
  1. Read access to the phone's user data
  2. Write access to the telephone's storage, e.g. the sd-card.
  3. Network access, i.e. internet access.
I hereby guarantee, that the application code only uses this permissions for the following:
  1. to retrieve usernames to be used within the application as traveller names and 
  2. allow the export feature to write a report to the disk, in case that the user selects the equivalent option.
  3. to download currency exchange rates from the internet.
The application's code is open source and can be reviewed via the provided links.

The Tricky Tripper can not guarantee that the internal application data is processed by the supported export services which are
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Mail
on export.

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