Feature Wishlist

Features imaginable for the future are
  • Custom payment categories
  • Handle income/returns/credit, i.e. define one or more who receives the money and define those, who's account to credit. 
  • Description field and Date input for money transfers.
  • Custom split definition in weight and percentage as inspired by http://www.shortreckonings.com/
  • Offer function to re-calculate an 'even split' among travellers to include new travellers added after the payment has been created. 
  • Store a default setting of travelers to be used as payers (more than just one person).
  • Copy travelers from one trip to another.
  • Tablet layout
  • Share trips via NFC and bluetooth
  • Also check out: https://github.com/koelleChristian/trickytripper/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Aenhancement

Somewhat unlikely
  • Allow multiple users to log into the same trip and add individual expenses, i.e. usage as cash book in a community kitchen 
    • This is not intended from the Android point of view whilst keeping the offline capability in mind.
    • I suggest to create a public account on your tablet and everyone adds payments via that account.
    • Wait until - perhaps - one day, I will create a online version, where you might grant rights to access and edit other's trips .
  • Export and import of the database (for telephone migration)
    • Until then, I recommend to use a common backup tool to save all sorts of application settings for telephone migration, like Helium-Backup, whatever.
    • I never had any problems with 
      1. Exporting a trip as soon as the 'event' is over. 
      2. Sharing the report.
      3. Everyone pays his/her dues.
      4. You delete the trip and free the space.

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